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Benitez: A Man who loved Anfield

Rafa Benitez thanks Anfield –

Benitez told the club’s website, “It is very sad for me to announce that I will no longer be manager of Liverpool FC.

“I would like to thank all of the staff and players for their efforts. I’ll always keep in my heart the good times I’ve had here, the strong and loyal support of the fans in the tough times and the love from Liverpool.

“I have no words to thank you enough for all these years and I am very proud to say that I was your manager.

“Thank you so much once more and always remember: You’ll never walk alone.”



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Thank you Rafa for everything

“My heart is with Liverpool” said Benitez, “I’m delighted to sign this new deal. I love the club, the fans and the city. With a club and supporters like this, I could never say no to stay. The club is greatly respected around the world due to its incredible history and tremendous heritage. It is my aim to uphold those values and help create a new chapter in our history.” …Benitez when he signed a new 4 year contract extension in 2009 with Liverpool FC which would keep him at Anfield till 2013.

14 months down the worst fears came true as Rafa himself became a history following a dreadful season which saw Mersey siders finish to their lowest position in premier league in 11 years where they managed to finish 7th. Add to that an early exit from Champions League, FA Cup and Carling Cup also contributed to Liverpool FC’s forgettable season.

After replacing Gerard Houllier as Liverpool manager in 2004, Rafa knew what was expected of him – to get the premier league back to Anfield, something which Anfield has been waiting for, for last 20 years.

It didn’t take Rafa to win the heart of the Liverpool FC faithful, after master minding an epic Champions League final victory over AC Milan at Istanbul in 2005. The same year Rafa guided Liverpool to the finals of Carling Cup only to lose to Chelsea in AET 2-1.

Following the success in Europe, Rafa was determined to dominate domestic football and to win the Premier League. Well it was the other domestic title that came to Anfield the following year, The FA Cup. Again a breath taking final in Cardiff which saw Liverpool overcoming West Ham on penalties.

Rafa frankly over achieved in this first two season also winning the Community Shield and Europa Super Cup the following year. The expectation from the management and the fan of course skied high and now everybody was only waiting for the cup which eluded Liverpool the most, the Premier League.

Unfortunately, Rafa couldn’t manage to win the League and even though Liverpool ran extremely close to their rivals Manchester United, Liverpool never looked liked title contenders under Rafa.

To be fair to the man, Rafa never got any kind of support from the Anfield management and the owners, never had any substantial transfer budgets to build a good team. With transfers like Morientes, Keane, Bellemy, Riise which I personally felt shouldn’t have left Anfield, Rafa was instrumental in getting player like Reina, Xabi Alonso, Mascherano and of course his biggest hit Fernando Torres. But also on the negative side the bench strength of Liverpool was never there and the whole strategy was based around Torres and Gerrard and without them in the side it looked liked a pretty ordinary side.

Though Rafa was not able to win the Premier League for Liverpool, he was able to make Liverpool and very strong team in Europe. Tactically he setup the team extremely nicely for European matches but unfortunately could not replicate the same on domestic front.

Rafa’s heart would always be with Anfield, with its fans, its supporters who stood by him till the end.

We don’t have words enough to thank Rafa for services. The relationship could be over for now, but Rafa, you would always remain in our heart at Anfield. Hope you have a lot of success wherever  that you go.

That’s all from me on this one, until next time from me Prathamesh goodbye.


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Liverpool FC …till a top 4 team

Everyone around the football world, esp who follow English football closely believe its the end of great Liverpool FC following their worst season for last 11 years. With ownership (off-field) issues surrounding Anfield, no budgets to invest in new players, no Champions League next season, top player likely to leave the club and with a very week bench strength, many believe it would be difficult for Liverpool now to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal’s and the so called top 4 wont be consisting of Liverpool anymore.

I dont see it that way though, as even now with all all that is  happening at Anfield, Liverpool is till the force to look out for, definitely one of the so called top 4 clubs of English Football.

Below are some of the target LiverpoolFc can have for the coming season, target which for me are realistic and something, given the player we have should be achieved by the team.

Realistic Targets for Liverpool FC 2010-2011

Barclays Premier League – 3rd

FA Cup – Finals

Europa League – Winners

Carling Cup – Quarterfinals

Frankly, Liverpool are completing with Arsenal and Manchester City for the 3rd and 4th position nest season. Spurs for me are never gonna repeat the season which they had this time around. Their European adventures are gonna contribute for not finishing in top 5-6 next season. Aston Villa for me would not even challenge for top 4 next season. And compared to both these club, Liverpool till have a far better squad and surely gonna finish above them next season.

Now for Arsenal and Manchester City, that where the real competition is for Liverpool. Manchester City are till a new team with a new manager. With many new faces that are expected to be arriving at City these season, its could be another slow start for their season where player till getting to play together as a team. Honestly I dont like Manchini and dont see him doing any wonders at City. As for Arsenal, I feel Liverpool are at power with them, with or without Fabregras. Its till a young side and definitely not title contenders by any means. In-fact I feel its gonna be them this time around to fall out side top 4 with Manchester City taking the 4th spot.

Given the kind of quality players Liverpool have and some new arrivals coming in, I dont see the reason why Liverpool could not achieve these targets. With Torres, Gerrad, Masch, Jamie, Reina, Kuyt …player which form the backbone of Livepool Team, they are surely good enough to finish above  Arsenal and Manchester City.

Hope as always the fan believe in its player and that Liverpool FC could really prove all its critics wrong.


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7 M’s of Champions League Finals 2009-2010

M – MAY, 22, 2010, Champions League 2009-2010 Finals.

M – MADRID, Santiago Bernabéu, venue for the finals.

M – FC Internationalize MILANO, one of the finalist.

M – Bayen MUNICH, other finalist.

M – MULLER, Bayen forward, missed couple of glorious chances to score.

M – MILITO, Inter forward scored two glorious goals.

M – Jose MOURINHO, the special one, the real winner, master minded Inter Milan’s win.

Story of 7 M’s, and the winner – fantastic MOURINHO, a special reward for truly a special one.

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