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Sporting Success on the Pitch

American owners are to take maximum responsibility for the current Liverpool FC’s crisis.
Somewhere Rafa is got it wrong in the transfer market and have done some weird trading.
I believe the owners have taken a right decision of selling the club as they together have failed big time.

One important criteria which Martin Broughton is putting tht the club would be sold to someone who is gonna guarantee the construction of Stanley Park.
Business wise it makes a lot of sense moving from a 45,000 sitter Anfield to a 65,000 sitter Stanley Park, but apart of some extra revenue been generated would this move guarantee LFC sporting success, I frankly don’t think so.

Today LFC is wht they are not because they are financially stable or one of top 10 riches football clubs in Europe and world, but because they have had sporting success on the pitch, wining trophies in England and Europe year after year.
This, then unprecedented success was only possible thru the player which LFC brought from outside and its own players from the academy and the managers which we have had during this time

So, wht is important for the new onwer (whomever they may be) to realize tht along with the money for which LFC would be bought, they have to give atleast another 70 – 100 mU$ for bringing in some quality players and investing in the academy. Maybe Stanley Park could wait for some more years.

Talking about a possible change in the manager, frankly even after 5 years Rafa has not yet figured out wht it takes to win the Barclay’s Premier League, important to be consistent through out the season, but at the same time he has been exceptional when it comes to European matches.
The Manager and the new owners must have their priorities absolutely clear whether they are going for European glory or domestic trophies. Based on tht I believe Rafa future would be decided, coz personally I think Rafa havent yet figured out English game to win BPL with Liverpool FC.

Hope the situation at Anfield improves quickly are tht the fan get to see wht they deserve, Liverpool FC playing football and challenging for the league.


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